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Course: Coaching & Mentoring

The course requires that learners develop portfolios of evidence in their own time and submit it to Ndzalama Competency Learning for assessment within 90 days of completion after the initial workshop.
Price: R 3,750.00
Credit Price: R 4,250.00

Learn and apply coaching and mentoring techniques in a work environment.“A method of staff development whereby a more experienced and usually senior staff member (mentor) takes a responsibility for and becomes actively involved in the professional and personal development and empowerment of a less experienced and usually younger staff member (mentee)”.. The role of this type of mentor is to:

  • Counselling of staff members
  • Give advises in workplace
  • Involve in professional & personal development of staff
  • Administering of training within an organisation
Who should attend

Those wishing to attend a SETA accredited training programme on coaching and mentoring; gain the qualification for Coaching and Mentoring; work or function as Coaches and Mentors Facilitators Trainers Assessors Human Resource Managers Managers Supervisors People who have been tasked with inducting, coaching or mentoring new entrants into the workplace.

Learning assumed to be in place

Practitioners applying to enter a learning programme for this ETD standard - or applying to be assessed against this ETD standard - are assumed to have a qualification or equivalent competence in an occupation in which they will practice this ETD competence.

Learning Method

Learners are required to participate fully in group and individual learning activities throughout the workshop. Learners are also encouraged to identify and express their specific learning needs and to contribute freely from their own experience. During the two day contact session, the facilitator also focus on change management and motivational aspects, as we’ve identified these issues as key areas of SAQA and implementing the NQF.

Assessment Method

During the workshop, participants will be briefed on how to prepare and present a Portfolio of Evidence for assessment against Unit Standard US 117874, NQF LEVEL 5; CREDITS 6 - US 117865, NQF LEVEL 4; CREDITS 5 and US15221 NQF 5; CREDITS 4

01. Module One

Provide information and advice regarding skills development and related issues:

  • Provide information and advice on legislation related to skills development.
  • Provide information and advice concerning learning and assessment.
  • Provide advice to an organisation concerning the promotion of skills development.
02. Module two

Assist and support learners to manage their learning experiences:

  • Source and maintain information to assist and support learners.
  • Provide assistance and support to learners.
  • Maintain records of assistance and support provided.
  • Review support services.
03. Module three.

Provide information and advice regarding skills development and related issues:

  • Identify and analyse learner’s needs.
  • Prepare and review an individual development plan.
  • Provide guidance to learners.
  • Maintain records of learner needs and guidance provided.
  • Evaluate services provided.