Course details

Touch the heart of the nation

Course: Training Facilitator

Duration: 4 Days
The course requires that learners develop portfolios of evidence in their own time and submit it to Ndzalama Competency Learning for assessment within 90 days of completion after the initial workshop.
Price: R 3,800.00
Credit Price: R 4,200.00

This course is designed to update participant’s facilitation skills. During the three-day workshop the facilitators will model effective participatory training skills. The participants meet 8 hours a day including time for technical presentations, group discussion, and hands-on participation in small-group and individual activities, role-plays and case studies. The participants will be assessed on training skills using a checklist and will be provided with feedback. At the end of the course the each participant will have produced a specific training skills development plan. The role of a facilitator is to:

  • Plan and prepare for facilitation
  • Conduct facilitation
  • Give judgements to learning and facilitation
Who should attend

New or experienced trainers who have not had formal education in training. Trainers who need a refresher to improve their classroom techniques and methods to transfer learning to work situations; Facilitators, Trainers & Coaches Skills Development Facilitators (SDF) Lecturers and Teachers

Learning assumed to be in place

The credit calculation is based on the assumption that learners are already competent in the learning area in which they will provide training.

Learning Method

Learners are required to participate fully in group and individual learning activities throughout the workshop. Learners are also encouraged to identify and express their specific learning needs and to contribute freely from their own experience. During the two day contact session, the facilitator also focus on change management and motivational aspects, as we’ve identified these issues as key areas of SAQA and implementing the NQF.

Assessment Method

During the workshop, participants will be briefed on how to prepare and present a Portfolio of Evidence for assessment against Unit Standard 115753: Conduct outcomes-based assessment.

01. Module One
  • Plan and prepare for facilitation
  • The educator as a facilitator
  • Comparison between the old and the new approaches
  • The role of the facilitator
  • Facilitation defined
  • Three main areas of facilitation types of facilitation skills
  • Learning needs analysis
  • Methods of facilitation
  • Role-play of different facilitation methods
  • Plan for effective facilitation
  • Facilitation plan
02. Module two
  • Change starts with the facilitator
  • Using facilitation skills
  • Group building and maintenance roles
  • Dealing with difficult group members
  • Leadership styles
  • Principles of OBE education
03. Module three.
  • Facilitation session - practical preparation
  • Facilitate practical sessions in groups
  • Facilitation of sessions
  • Evaluation of facilitation sessions
  • Learner evaluation
  • Maintain an effective and efficient administrative system
  • Helping your learners to compile their own POE’s
  • What should be in a POE
  • Encouraging dialogue between role-players
  • Ways to recap knowledge to link to prior learning
  • Evaluation of facilitation