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Wo touch the hearts of the nation as being the preferred provider of quality life-long education, training and development; facilitation and consultancy services in the Republic of South Africa. More reasons to consult Ndzalama:

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We love: Learning.

Outcomes-based methodologies and facilitation skills are used throughout the learning programme.

We love: Customizing.

Case studies, role plays and other relevant outcomes-based exercises are designed and included to ensure the integration of practical, foundational and reflexive competence.

We love: Interaction.

Learners are awarded the opportunity for and advise in terms of clarification of concepts in their specific language of preference. All facilitators are able to communicate in the preferred local languages spoken per region.

We love: Development.

Learning programmes form part of a system of human resources development, which provides for the establishment of a unifying approach to education and training.

We love: Recognition.

Our learning programmes and services remain responsive to national development needs.

We love: Sophistication.

Provide ease of entry to appropriate levels of education and training for prospective learners in a manner that facilitates progression.

We love: Credibility.

Provides for learners, on successful completion of accredited pre-requisites to move between components of the delivery system.

We love: Assurance.

Ensure that the acquisition of credits permit individuals to move through the levels of national qualifications via different appropriate combinations of the components of the delivery system.

We love: Assistance.

Enable learners to transfer their credits or qualifications from one learning institution and/or employer to another.

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Why choose Ndzalama

We are an innovative agency. We develop trainers around the provinces.

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